We already eat, sleep and breathe branding, but it turns out that we could be listening to it as well.

There’s a growing number of excellent branding podcasts out there, jam-packed with experts sharing their knowledge and experience of the world of business and marketing. We’ve had a listen to some good (and not so good) ones and chosen our favourite five to recommend to you.

Let’s Talk Branding

If you’re seeking inspiration and aiming to enhance your skills as a brand strategist, then “Let’s Talk Branding” is an essential listen. It stands out as a top-tier podcast for mastering brand strategy, hosted by Stef Hamerlinck, a renowned Belgian brand expert and designer. He’s an expert at brand building on a budget, and regularly interviews industry experts and market leaders to get their insight into this ever-changing world. He also pursues solo deep dives into his favourite branding-related subjects, which are arguably the best bit. Recent guests include Byron Sharp, Rory Sutherland, Phil Barden, and many more.

On Branding Podcast

These guys are well on their way to 100 episodes, and they’ve produced some excellent content for anyone just getting started out in the world of branding. Here you will find interviews with experts in design, branding, SEO and more, giving frank insights into their success and challenges. There are quite a few standout episodes, but we love hearing Aren in conversation with Lillian Marsh, who has worked with clients such as Samsung and Equinox, discussing when is the right time to update your branding and message.

The Extraordinary Podcast

This is a podcast for brand strategists with big dreams. It is hosted by Tobias Dahlberg, a successful entrepreneur, and features in-depth conversations with accomplished thought leaders and practitioners with years of expertise in their respective fields. They speak candidly about the tools and techniques that help have helped them achieve their success.

Brands on Brands

Here is something a little bit different. Brands on Brands is a podcast about personal branding, and how to market the individual. It brings together the world’s top personal branding and content marketing experts to discuss positioning yourself as a market leader in your field. It’s an excellent resource for anyone who isn’t yet confident in blowing their own trumpet, but it also incorporates valuable insights into all areas of branding. Brandon Birkmeyer, a brand strategist and marketing consultant who hosts this podcast, has worked with Coca-Cola and Walmart.

The Brand Design Masters Podcast

Philip Van Dusen, the host of the Brand Design Masters podcast, has held senior creative executive roles in some of the world’s most prosperous branding agencies. Listen to expert brand builders sharing professional insights on how you can create a strong brand for yourself, your business, and your clients and customers. You can learn how to build a successful creative practice, business, and personal brand in the current Creative Economy.

Is there an amazing branding podcast that we’ve missed out?

Let us know, and we will make sure it makes it into our next list.


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