We’re a full-service logo design, visual identity and branding agency.

Full-service means that we look after our clients across every aspect of their visual identities – from artwork to websites.

We have a team of 16 staff that work on all our projects and do everything in-house.

What is: Logo design?

The design of your logo’s primary role is to identify. Creating a marque that you use to identify your business. A logo is neither your brand nor your corporate identity, but it’s also part of both. Many businesses start with a logo and build from there.

A brand new logo seldom means a thing. It is an empty vessel awaiting the meaning that will be poured into it by history and experience. 

Michael Bierut, Pentagram.

What is: Visual identity?

Also known as Brand Identity or Brand books. Your Visual or Corporate identity dictates how your logo is used, fonts, colours and the top-level design of marketing and promotional material. A corporate identity is a set of visual guidelines for your brand.

What is: Branding?

Your Brand is how you are perceived. Branding is the process of building a brand and takes in both your logo and visual identity but works at a strategic level. Your Visual Identity and Branding are interlinked, but branding is strategically led rather than visually led. Your brand is the essence of what you say, what you do, how you look, and how your are perceived.

What is branding

Your Vision, Mission, Values, strategy and positioning inform your logo design. 
The application of your logo to the design of other materials forms your visual identity.

These creative and strategic elements come together to form your brand indentity.

Logo Design for TECL Publishing.

We designed a new logo for TECL Publishing and created the overall identity design for their first book, The Nature of Work.

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Just need a logo cooking up? No problem.

If you are not quite ready for a full-blown branding project, we can design your initial logo.

Some of our clients start out with the logo and then develop branding over time – whatever stage you are at, we can help.

Logo projects typically include your logo, a basic style guide and application to your letterhead and business cards.

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Visual identities.

Got all the ingredients but just need the recipe?

We help people with existing brands or logos to get everything into line and work together.

From your business cards to your website design, we can work with your existing branding to plan, develop and organise your identity.

Identity projects typically work with your existing logo to develop your corporate identity over other elements such as brochures, decks, websites and other visual elements of your overall branding.

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We create, develop and evolve brands.

If you are starting fresh, we can deliver brilliant branding for your company, product or service.

Whether you simply need a bit of help or are looking for a fully-toasted branding project, our team of creatives won’t burn your bread.

Branding projects are more in-depth and may take in strategy, tone of voice, imagery, and an extended style guide.

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Time for a change? We’ll get you where you want to be.

Rebrands can be challenging projects. If you have an established brand with equity, a rebranding project needs to be approached with sensitivity and an understanding of what needs to be done and why.

We don’t undertake these projects lightly, so they are going to take longer to complete than a new logo or branding project. We’ll also need to get to the root of why you want to rebrand.

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