If a process is too rigid, it will simply deliver the same results each time; too flexible and the project can go off the rails.

Like most branding agencies, we have a process for our projects, but how that process evolves for each project is slightly different as no two are the same.

Different people need different things from each stage of working with us, so before we start anything, we’ll firm up what we are doing during each stage below.


The single, most important part of any branding or logo project.

This stage will firm up the project brief, outline the deliverables and set the timescales.


Great logos and brands rarely appear out of thin air.

What we are looking to discover during this stage will depend 100% on who we are working with – there’s no fixed approach to this stage of the project.

For some clients, it might be that we’re reviewing all their existing collateral to see how it can be developed.

For others, it might be market and creative research to explore their sector before we start creating anything.


Arguably the most exciting stage of the project, but we need to get here first.

If design alone is used to try and provide a solution, then we’re not doing our job properly.

All creative work should be based on both the Define and Discover stages which ultimately form and shape the brief and the objectives for the creative work.


Delivering a project also means different things to different people.

For some, we simply deliver a set of final artworked files, for others, we manage the application of their logo or branding across a wide range of supporting materials.

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It’s not just about the process.

As well as a defined process, you also need to know that your agency is organised, efficient and able to deliver.

Project timing.

Everyone has different deadlines.

It’s never a good idea to rush a logo or branding project.

So much so that we don’t take on projects with ridiculous timescales.

Creativity takes time and ideas need to gestate, so a typical project will not take less than six weeks.

Some branding projects can take months as we work across many different aspects of the brand.

The main importance of deadlines is that we are all in agreement about them before we start your project.

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Easy to manage communication.

We use Basecamp to manage all of our projects, standard email inboxes are no good for project communication as emails get missed.

Meetings are now mainly online via Zoom (et al) – we like to record these to share with the team and refer back to.

We’ll happily chat on the phone, but we like things in writing. Telephone conversations can be remembered very differently by different people.

Above all, solid project management and good communication make a project run smoothly.

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No one wants a bad logo.

We understand that people put their trust in us to deliver the best answer to the brief.

In turn, we trust people to let us do our job.

We’ll never deliver a logo or brand that you are not 100% happy with and one fulfils the brief, and the process above is designed to make sure that happens 100% of the time.

If during any stage of the project we, or you, feel that things are not quite on track we’ll discuss the options openly and honestly, even if that means going back to the drawing board.

A poor logo or brand is often the result of either a badly written brief or a ridiculous deadline, so if we get a sniff of either, we’ll politely decline the invitation to work on the project.

Our job is to get your brand where you want it to be – it’s massively important for your venture, and it’s something we take very personally.

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