A logo forms part of your overall branding, so it’s possible to start with just that.

We work with clients to design a single logo, top-level and child logos or a family of logo designs.

As a logo is usually the first part of any larger branding or corporate identity project, it’s crucial to get this right from the start.


The brief.

Logo design can be a very subjective area of design, so it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your objectives and a well-defined brief.

Before we start designing anything, we need to understand you, your business, its audience and the objectives for the project.

It’s also important to identify who we are designing the logo for: this might sound odd, but there are often two sets of stakeholders to consider in logo design projects.

  1. Internal stakeholders. It’s your logo, so you need to absolutely love it.
  2. Your target market. These are the people that the logo needs to speak to.

One of the tricky things about effective logo design is that these two ‘markets’ often have different ideas about whether or not the logo works.

A well-defined brief will help everyone involved in the project to understand what’s needed.

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There are millions of logos designed already, so good research has two distinct benefits.

There needs to be a deep dive into your sector to discover what is out there already and what’s already been done.

This approach has two benefits.

  1. We can see broadly what logo designs exist already in your sector, so we can avoid creating something too similar to a competitor.
  2. We can see where your logo could fit within what is broadly accepted in your sector already.
A good logo should above all, be appropriate.

The research stage helps us to understand how to make this appropriate for your market, and this understanding leads and inspires the creative stage.

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Lots of initial concept designs are the last thing you need.

When you commission an agency or freelancer to design a logo for your business, you are employing an expert to deliver an appropriate solution.

If the agency comes back to you with 20+ initial design concepts, and you feel like you are being asked to just pick the one you like, the job is not being done properly. The agency lacks confidence and conviction in its work as they are asking you to make the choice. This is not how it should work.

Creativity is subjective, so each concept should have a rationale and a set of reasons as to why it’s been shown to you.

How we do it.

We start with sketch concepts and present fewer initial worked-up concepts to our clients, you’ve come to us as the experts, so we see it as our job to design and explain the creative direction and reasoning so you can make informed decisions based on your market and the appropriateness of the design.

Once the concept designs have been presented and explained there are several possibilities for the next steps:

  1. There is a clear preference for a single design
  2. A couple of options are selected for further development
  3. A combination of more than two designs moves forward for a rethink
  4. None of the initial concepts is selected
A clear winner.

If the brief is good, we often hit the mark in the first stage of concept designs and one design is selected to move to the next stage. When this happens it gives us more time to develop this single design into the final approved logo.

Choosing between two designs.

Often there are two equally appropriate designs that may just need a little development to make one the prefered direction. Here, we’ll develop both designs in light of feedback and re-present the options.

Mix and match combinations.

Some clients like elements from more than one design concept, so when this happens we combine and redevelop the designs to present reworked versions for approval.

Nothing hits the mark.

This happens rarely, but if it does, it’s not back to the drawing board, it’s back to the brief.

When none of the initial design concepts are ‘right’, there’s an issue with the brief, so we’ll examine that again before we do any further design work.

On review of the brief and the design concepts, we often find there is a direction to be developed, but it just needed a little more discussion to get there.

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Your final logo in every format you need.

There are often different formats required for your final logo. These might be colour, single colour, grayscale and reversed.

We may also suggest stacked and horizontal options, and additional possibilities with or without straplines and so on.

We’ll supply all your files as vectors, PDFs, JPGs and PNG versions.

Once this has been done, there’s also the option of having a basic style guide completed to outline how your logo should be used.

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On-Call Africa logo design.

We designed a new logo for this international charity to make it more recognisable and improve their identity, increase fundraising and recruitment.

This developed into a full corporate identity guide and website project.

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When does logo design become a corporate identity?

Our logo projects are just that: the design of your logo.

If we start getting into font selection, additional colour options, image use and marketing collateral design, we are moving into the realm of creating a Corporate or Brand identity for your business.

A corporate identity, or brand book as it’s often called, goes wider than just the logo and can take in everything from what your advert designs look like to the design of your business website.

This usually forms phase two of a logo design project. It doesn’t have to be done at the same time, but we do encourage clients to consider it as it ensures your logo and everything you put it on, are designed consistently.

This in turn is different to your branding, which forms part of a larger project that takes in strategy, tone of voice and so on.

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