Annoyingly, there is no objective measure of “better” in logo design.

We don’t have a metric for that, I’m afraid. We’ve got a lot of fantastic designers in our office, but I’d wager that if we should 100 people their logo concepts, we’d never see a totally unanimous winner.

There’s just no “best” logo; what makes a logo effective depends on various factors, including its intended audience, the company’s values and brand personality, and current design trends.

Let’s break this down a bit more.

Simple is better

From the iconic golden arches to the Nike tick to an apple missing a bite… great logos tend to be very simple.

This makes them instantly more memorable and allows them to be scaled up and down at will without losing their identity.

Many designers swear by the piccolino test for determining the legibility of a logo. The logo is shrunk down to a few centimetres to see if you can still read it.

  • Is your logo design legible if you print it small and in black and white?
  • Would your logo be recognisable if it were on the face of a watch?
  • Could you print your logo design on the side of a pencil and still read it?

If so, your logo passes the piccolino test.

Modern = love

A great logo will hopefully be timeless, but very few of the greats aren’t subject to the occasional nip and tuck.

Your logo must look comfortable amongst its contemporaries, just a bit better.

This is not a suggestion to copy whichever company is currently making headlines, but it’s worth looking at their work and considering why they stand out so well.

Will our customers like it?

The best logo design speaks directly to the people that you want to talk to.

They’ll be drawn to it and they’ll feel like it represents people like them. The goal of a great logo is to instantly create a connection with a consumer and spark their interest in your brand.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of a logo design is determined by how well it meets the specific needs and objectives of the company or organisation it represents. Get that right and you’re on to a winner.

Choosing the right logo for your organisation

Still clear as mud? We can help. Toast has been helping businesses with their logos, from conception to refinement, for over 25 years. We can help you make your ideas a reality – after all, nobody knows your business or your customers as well as you do. And we know a thing or two about logos.

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