What is it?

What does brand recognition actually mean? It is a measure of how well-known a brand is, as well as how memorable it is to the general public, and vital to building a brand and marketing: it relates to consumer trust, loyalties and sales.

A strong recognition strategy can help brands establish themselves in crowded markets and differentiate them from competitors.

Building Recognition

It takes time and consistency with exposure to building brand recognition. Some effective strategies include:

  1. Advertising: Consistent and targeted advertising across different platforms can increase brand awareness and recognition to consumers.
  2. Packaging design: Unique and aesthetically pleasing designs can set brands apart from others in stores.
  3. Social media: Brands can get opportunities to interact with their audience and increase brand awareness through user-generated content.
  4. Product placement: Placing products or logos in areas that attract the target audience can increase brand exposure and ‘mouth advertising’.

By doing these, a brand can create a greater outsourced reach to its target audience and gain recognition more organically.

The Important Elements

The logo and brand name are important in recognition of a brand.

A logo design is the visual representation of the brand that becomes instantly recognisable.

It is synonymous with the brand’s message and relationship with the consumer.

Likewise, the name should be easy to pronounce and remember and have distinct qualities from other names in the specific market category. Both should remain consistent across all marketing channels to avoid confusion.

Keep it: Simple, memorable and unique.

Equally important factors to consider are the brand’s colour scheme, packaging design, tagline and overall brand persona.

By creating and advertising a consistent and memorable brand identity across these elements, a brand can build strong brand recognition and become a first choice for consumers in its category.

Measuring Success

To measure brand recognition, metrics are predominantly used to obtain the best results. As an example, two of these are:

  • Brand Awareness: Refers to the degree to which consumers are familiar with a brand.
  • Brand Recall: Refers to the consumer’s ability to remember a brand when prompted.

Both can be measured through surveys and other market research methods and can provide valuable information. Similarly, it provides insights into the effectiveness of a brand’s multiple marketing strategies. This is then used to make improvements and adjustments to better build and strengthen brand recognition and brand perception across the brand’s category.

The Benefits

Having strong brand recognition can benefit a business in various ways. It can build consumer trust and loyalty as people tend to choose brands that they recognise and trust.

It could also result in increased sales and market share, as recognised brands are preferred by consumers when making purchasing decisions. A strong brand could also control a higher price point due to its perceived value.

Recognition can increase the brand’s overall value in the marketplace, also known as its brand equity. Brands with high equity have advantages over other brands in the market. Ultimately obtaining long-term success and sustainability.


What does brand recognition actually mean? It plays a vital role in building and marketing a brand. It shows how well consumers know a brand as well as how well they can remember it. When a brand has strong recognition, it can increase”: consumer trust, loyalty, sales, and market share. By maintaining consistent and memorable brand identity across all marketing, brands can establish strong brand recognition and become the first choice for consumers in their category.

It can make the difference between being invisible to the general public and making an impact on the market with your brand.

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