There are so many different providers and options for where to go when you need a logo. So what should you be considering?

Sites such as Fiverr and UpWork are becoming far more popular with quick results for work and, usually, cheap prices.

However, when it comes to logo design, why is it worth spending a little more to make sure you work with a professional?

1. Consider the importance of your logo

Logos are vital to your company branding. A poorly designed logo can have a real negative effect on how your business appears to potential customers and clients. It needs to be memorable, clear and designed well.

Most of the time, these will be considerations only designers with great experience or a great team would consider.

Experience in the design field can prove to be invaluable and help to make sure an original and creative logo is created for your business.

There are many examples of when logo design has failed with large corporations.

Take a look at the redesign for Oxford Dictionaries’ logo:


The redesign faced a ton of backlash from the design community and, I think, it boils down to the questions designers should be asking themselves when in the initial design stages of the process. Why are we changing the font? Why are we adding in the ‘D’ in an icon that looks awfully lot like the Beats by Dre logo? Are we using the same colour as Twitter for any reason?

It’s considered the designers got swept away with making the logo look ‘modern’ that there was no consideration as to why these changes were being made. How do these changes reflect the history and importance of the Oxford Dictionaries?

These are questions that professional designers will always ask themselves at pretty much every stage of the design process. It’s important to critique and question your own work to make sure you’re heading down the right path with the design. And this is something that will come with investment in expert logo design.


2. Think of the long-term

The best, most memorable and, arguably, most famous logos have been around for years. Take Heinz, Shell and Levi’s to name just a few. These were first created in 1869, 1904 and 1886 respectively and are still around today.

A professional logo design will stand the test of time. Whilst some companies might choose to flow with design trends and update their logo, many memorable logos have been used for over 100 years and have never been changed.

This is because they’re effective, clear and stick in people’s minds – and that is the mark of a great logo.

If your company decides to redesign their logo, you’d want it to be to just keep up with changing design trends or if they have changed the main focus of their business. What you don’t want to be doing is looking for a logo redesign as it was too weak the first time around.

Longevity is something expert designers would think to consider when creating your logo and certainly not always something ‘cheap and cheerful’ design would include.


3. Want some advice?

Expert logo design from expert designers would come with something you wouldn’t get from anyone else – great advice and knowledge.

Many expert designers will have a wealth of experience and lots of advice to provide during the process.

Whilst they’re the designer and you’re the client, you will have your own vision of where you imagine the project going. But sometimes it can feel a little daunting and like you’re not sure where to go next with it.

Having the option of asking your designer for their advice is great to have on hand and helps to make sure you both have a great outcome at the end of the project.

Many expert logo designers will also provide their input along the process of the project.

For example, if you were after adding three more colours to the logo, the designer might know from experience that that would be too much. So, shows you that in the design and also provides you with a version that includes more colour, but without being too much.

This advice can be invaluable during the process so it’s great to know you’d get that when investing in expert logo design.


4. You’ll receive the right assets

One of the most important parts of logo design is actually making sure you have it in the right format. If you’re looking to put it on mugs, bags and signs, a PDF or (oh no) screenshot isn’t not going to work at all.

It would also be frustrating if your logo has been signed off, and you’ve been given the assets you were told you’d need from your designer. Only to find these aren’t right at all and your designer hasn’t kept the project.

You need the correct files to be able to go off on your own and use them all over the place. These will include a variety of different versions such as monochrome, full colour, horizontal, vertical and file specific ones for printing and web use.

This whole part can be pretty confusing, but having a professional designer to ask and guide you is another reason to invest in expert logo design.


5. The process needs sorting

With expert logo design there will be a tried and tested process the designers follow. This would include plenty of research before the design even begins.

Taking time to look at your competitors can help to set your logo apart from them and stand out from the crowd.

An expert designer will also take the time to consider your aims and goals for the logo and compare them to the trends of your industry and how well the design ideas would reflect what your company does.

It also needs to work well with any existing branding or any brand guidelines. An expert logo design should reflect all of these things as well as catching your potential customers’ attention, standing out from any competition, being memorable, working well on all brand aspects such as mugs, signs etc and working well within your vision for your logo.


A lot to consider

This shows there’s a lot that needs to be considered when it comes to your logo design, whether that be new or a redesign. It can also be an overwhelming process with so many things to think about and not clear where to start!

Investing in an expert designer will be a great choice as you’ll have the knowledge, creativity but also support for the process that you need.

A good logo design is vital for you and your business. Investing in expert design is the only way to get there.

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