Whether it’s a new side hustle or your full-time enterprise, a company logo may give you something to coalesce around – but is it essential?

There is a well-known phrase that “to a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” and it sometimes appears that creative professionals want to solve everything with design – but should branding be a priority when launching a business?

Strong foundations

What is a new business? In the beginning, there are very few tangible assets of a new enterprise so even though there may appear to be more important jobs to be done, considering the brand is time well spent.

The exercise of branding the business can help challenge and consolidate your understanding of your customer’s personas, needs and wants. Identifying competitors will allow you to understand the market and how to position your products and services. All of this is essential for success and could make all the difference in launching the business.

Fly your flag

Can’t I just buy a logo? You can, but without the insight, it will be just that, a logo. These days in the searching how to come up with a logo design, you can buy a logo online for next to nothing but be prepared for its usefulness to be limited.

A logo can be a visual focus for you to hang your business on, but it will be just that, it won’t necessarily mean anything to anyone.

A business’s identity, in this day and age of 24/7 social media, is an essential part of how introducing a new logo on social media.

When introducing a new brand on social media or looking at how to introduce a new logo on Instagram, it’s essential to Fly your flag proudly from day one.

There has been a significant increase in awareness & expectation of branding across audiences of every demographic, and very few will give brands a second chance at a 1st impression.

Stitch in time

Sustainability has become a ubiquitous theme in today’s business world, with pressure to apply to all elements of the business from recycling waste to reducing energy consumption.

The result is a return to do it once, do it right – rather than a more reactive attitude. This approach should be applied to your branding and marketing as this is a more considered approach and will also save time and money in the long run.

Investing in a brand doesn’t just mean you get a logo; you get so much more.

The investment will pay dividends every year in terms of brand recognition, reduced design costs, more effective marketing and sales, and greater engagement of staff, suppliers as well as customers.

So yes, or no?

It is fair to say, from a technical level, you can launch a new business without a logo or branding at all but be aware that the lack of branding will communicate a message that will be less than flattering. It is far better to have some control over that messaging and a properly thought-out brand is key.

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