How do you build stronger brands?

Brand building is a continuous task that sometimes feels like an unforgiving mission, but don’t be disheartened. Brands that are continuously maintained and cared for become the strongest brands. If you want to ensure that your brand is as strong as it can be, then follow these top 10 tips on how to make your brand stronger:

  1. Grow
  2. Keep faith
  3. Be open to change (but only if needed)
  4. Create content
  5. Quit pitching
  6. Be proud
  7. Give it away
  8. Embrace advocates
  9. Be online
  10. Ask questions


Avoid complacency and always look to grow. Growth doesn’t necessarily have to be about new customers; it can be about maximising opportunities for existing customers or brand extension.

The Ansoff matrix clearly states that it’s much easier to sell existing products to customers.

Why make things harder than they should be? Strong brands don’t ever stand still; they are always looking for growth in whatever form.

Keep Faith

Strong brands are confident brands. They don’t chase trends or fads; they know who they are, what they stand for and why their customers like them.

Keeping the faith involves checking in and reaffirming that what you hold true still stands; if there are any doubts at all, then challenge them and resolve them immediately.

If concerned about something, you could always [audit your brand and marketing materials] to ensure it delivers a consistent message.

Strong brands appear comfortable and comfortable in their own skin and know what is essential to them.

Be open to change (but only if needed)

Change is inevitable, so it is best to be open to the benefits of change and embrace the new opportunities available.

If you see change as a positive process, then you are more likely to reap positive benefits. Brands that refuse to consider a change or only act when they have to are likely to fail.

Strong brands encourage change and growth and plan accordingly.

Create Content

Content is king these days, and brands that do not create content for their chosen audiences may find it hard to maintain their brand positioning without it.

Consumers today are bombarded with fresh content from all angles, from social media to traditional channels.

You can guarantee that if you don’t get your message out, someone will. Strong brands appreciate that their consumers what to know more and do more with their interactions.

Quit pitching

Not every communication has to end in a recognised sale.

Due to the complexity of cross-channel marketing and consumers having multiple contact points, it may be easy to consider indirect communications as pointless as no obvious ROI can be attributed but don’t.

Consumers today are more comfortable floating between channels and closing on whichever ones suit them, not you.

Make that process as enjoyable as possible, and give the hard sell a rest! Strong brands appreciate that they don’t need to be ‘always closing’.

Be proud

Let’s be clear, no one likes brash, but confidence is key. Similar to keeping faith in your core messages, you need to maintain confidence in how you own your place in people’s lives.

Enjoy your successes but do it with confidence that doesn’t come off as bragging.

If you are doing something positive, then why would you not want to share it? Strong brands stand firm for what they believe in.

Give it away

Share your knowledge and experience, or the experiences of your customers.

Some of the most memorable or highly engaged content is that which shares or imparts some insights or know-how to the recipient.

Good old blogs are a great tool for sharing knowledge and insights on various subjects your customers care about. Is your blog capable of this?

Strong brands are not afraid to share their knowledge with their loyal customers.

Embrace advocates

Strong brands encourage support from empowered customers and give them the materials they need to spread the good word.

Advocates are the best form of endorsement as they are instantly trusted and respected by the end user.

Whatever an advocate needs to convert followers to customers should be easy to share and readily available.

Consumers can and will share whatever they find about your brand; make sure they have plenty of positive to share. Strong brands embrace advocates that embrace strong brands.

Be online

Every brand has a website, but not everyone uses it the way strong brands do.

If your website is not UpToDate and is challenging to publish content quickly and efficiently, then you a missing a significant opportunity.

But you don’t have to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and create a brand new site.

Smaller, [more tactical WordPress websites] can be created that provide the agility and flexibility to exploit new opportunities that can work seamlessly with your current site.

Strong brands make the most of opportunities and use technology to deliver these.

Ask questions

Engage and make communication a two-way process, allowing your customers to challenge you and question your brand.

Market research can provide invaluable insight, but being open to direct dialogue with your customers on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok can provide comprehension and vision that is instant and incredibly powerful.

Many top brands have been said to have ‘won the internet’ with intuitive and insightful communications through these instant channels.

It isn’t for everyone, but the ability to ask your audience questions and get honest, unfiltered feedback makes strong brands even stronger.

Need help with any of the above?

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