What do we mean by Branding?

We have defined Branding in a previous post as:

Branding refers to the overall image and perception of a company or product in the minds of consumers. It encompasses the company’s mission, values, personality, and customer promise.

A strong brand is essential for a company to stand out and differentiate itself from its competitors. Branding covers creating various elements, including brand strategy,  logo design, and corporate identity development.

The balance and full integration of all these elements are essential to a brand’s success.

Anyone looking to undertake the branding of a product, service or organisation/company needs to get under the skin of the requirement and establish a clear, unbiased view of the true needs and challenges of the task.

DIY Branding

The biggest challenge for anyone looking to undertake their own branding is the ability to step out of their own experience and see through the eyes of each and every stakeholder or potential customer, or user.

The most significant benefit or value they bring to the project, which is an in-depth and extensive knowledge of the company, its services or products, can become their most significant disadvantage.

Creating a brand whilst simultaneously working on the underlying company can be said to be like trying to change a wheel on a car whilst it is still driving!

Whilst challenging, someone can adopt an independent viewpoint or perspective required to deliver an impartial and objective branding project.

Many people could see the value or insight into the company/product or service as being more critical than impartiality or objectivity. The decision is one that only you can make.

Professional Branding

The biggest challenge for any professional is the exact opposite of the person undertaking a DIY approach; it is the ability to unearth and identify precisely the correct elements of the knowledge and experience of the brand owner that are essential to developing the most effective brand strategy.

To achieve this, a professional may use one-to-one interviews, group workshops, questionnaires, or a mixture.

The goal is to quickly and effectively gain a thorough knowledge of the most critical aspects of the business or organisation, its products or services, its customers and a detailed picture of the market(s) that they will operate.

This sifting process uncovers the core values and USP of the brand that will make it as strong a proposition as possible.

This isn’t just a matter of research; it needs to include carefully considered challenges to any pre-conceived ideas or facts that may stand in the way of an effective solution.

The confidence of the professional to challenge and test a brand can often make the difference between the success and failure of a brand.

It’s a matter of choice.

Ultimately the choice is yours to make. Completing a branding project in-house may appear to be a cost-effective approach, utilising internal resources to achieve a homegrown project. It may take a little longer to deliver, but the result may be ideal in line with the requirements, and the actual cost may take a little longer to realise.

Toast Branding is a professional branding agency staffed with highly qualified and experienced designers that have delivered branding projects for global brands such as Elton John AIDS Foundation and established companies looking to rebrand or reposition, such as On Call Africa. We would always advocate a more considered and independent approach.

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