Why you don’t want to share your budget

In any business deal, the idea of ‘showing your cards’ to the person across the table seems completely unnatural.

Sharing any information seems like you are losing some form of control of negotiations, and you will be taken advantage of. It might seem that sharing your budget means you rule out the chance of getting a better deal and saving money.

But is this true when it comes to commissioning design or branding?

Everyone feels the pressure to get the very best deal and maximise their ROI on marketing spend, but does this potentially impact the quality or effectiveness of the work?

Why your designer wants to know.

Before starting any branding project, a competent designer will want to know a whole host of details, from the who, what, where and when to the details of how this fits within a campaign or marketing strategy.

Knowing that the budget continues to be instrumental in gauging the scope and scale of the branding project, briefs and expectations are considered. Still, the budget ultimately defines what can be done.

Knowing the budget allows your designer to understand the project’s parameters and plan the best solution.

Benefits of sharing.

A good brand designer can use their experience to understand what can be achieved in a certain amount of time and, therefore, budget.

Knowing this at the beginning of the branding or logo project avoids the potential of increasing the budget at the end to complete the project or cutting essential elements to stay within budget, possibly compromising the whole project.

Knowing up front can help a designer tailor the project and ensure that every step is given the time it deserves without cutting corners.

H3/ Outcomes of sharing.

Working with a designer with years of skills and experience has its own value that needs to be recognised; this knowledge can assist clients in maximising their ROI and the effectiveness of the project. Compromising this insight by withholding any information, this includes budget, will affect the project.

Once you trust your designer with ALL the details of the project can free you up of a lot of needless to-and-fros, often yielding unforeseen benefits.  Many of Toast’s clients feel comfortable enough with our designers to say:

Here’s the budget; what can we achieve with this, or how can we get the most out of it

So try it.

Share your budget for your next project and see for yourself. See if the project is much more straightforward and stress-free, and note if you feel the process was far more collaborative. If nothing else, you will know from day one what can be achieved and how much it will cost – no nasty surprise at the end!

If you don’t feel it is for you, you can go back to see who blinks first.

Talk to Toast.

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