Brand Consistency is key to success.

Success isn’t guaranteed, but you can make it far more likely if you ensure your brand is presented to your key audiences in a considered and consistent manner.

What is brand consistency?

Customers today, both existing and potential, interact with brands from dawn to dusk across multiple channels. Often, customer journeys involve multiple devices, and there is an expectation that the whole experience should be seamless.

Very few customers only encounter the traditional forms of corporate identity such as branded stationery, brochures and potentially adverts or other promotional items.

Today customers interact with your brand when and where they like through PR, digital marketing, social media, events and experiential marketing. The likelihood of inconsistencies is a constant threat if you do not have a clearly defined brand strategy.

We appreciate that different channels may involve different agencies or departments, but this again highlights the importance of maintaining control over how your brand is applied. Suppose marketing materials have been put together by different design teams with no direction on how the brand should (or should not) appear. In that case, you shouldn’t be surprised if the brand becomes disjointed and inconsistent.

Successful brands do not leave such messaging to chance and control the use of their brand via a well-considered and detailed brand strategy and guidelines.

A detailed and well-thought-out set of guidelines can provide much-needed instructions and guidance on subjects including:

  • Logo Application – How to control logos and other design elements that make up the visual form of the brand identity. Are there alternate versions for different applications, backgrounds and sizes?
  • Fonts and their usage – What typefaces to use and when.
  • Colour palette – The range of colours available, what they represent and how they should be utilised.
  • The tone of Voice & Messaging – Guidance on language, the tone of voice, straplines and style of any copy used.
  • Corporate marketing materials – From brochures to advertising and exhibition design. What templates exist, and how and when to use them.
  • Communications (Internal and External) – Details on layout, structure and recurring themes.
  • Digital Advertising and Social Media guidelines – Keywords, Landing pages and other key guidance.

Consistent brand messaging across all channels.

When delivering a branded project across a single channel without a strategy or set of guidelines, you are likely going to be ok, but as soon as you add additional projects or alternative channels, the chances for inconsistencies to creep in grow.

These discrepancies or mixed messaging can potentially damage the growth of your organisation and its brand.


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How can brand consistency be achieved?

If the success and growth of your brand are a priority, a clearly defined brand strategy and associated guidelines are essential.

Any investment in getting your brand’s fundamental elements identified and qualified will be rewarded tenfold in the long run.

If you would like some help on creating or redrafting your brand strategy or brand guidelines, you should talk to toast today, and we can help.

How can Toast help?

Since Toast started in 1997, we have seen first-hand how the ever-increasing demand for brands has grown.  Brand consistency has been a key indicator of a company’s success and highlighted the business-critical requirement for a professionally created brand identity.

Toast will help you get your branding spot on today, tomorrow and into the future, whatever stage your business or organisation is at.

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