What is Ansoff’s Model?

Sometimes referred to as Ansoff’s Matrix due to its layout, the Ansoff Model helps identify opportunities for marketers to grow revenue for a business or brand through developing new brands,  products and services.

This simple Matrix is the perfect tool to quickly and effectively challenge your current branding strategy and goals and identify the best way to promote new growth.

Why Ansoff's Model should be part of your branding strategy

Why is it useful?

As mentioned above, since it was initially proposed back in 1957, it has become one of the most widely accepted marketing models that focuses on growth. It is used to assess the different opportunities for companies to increase their sales by comparing new and existing products against new and existing markets, defining 4 different strategies:

  • Market Penetration
  • Market Development
  • Product and Development
  • Diversification

How to use it

Using Ansoff’s Matrix to clarify your intent, you can identify which strategy you need to adopt for the best results. For example:

If you want to increase growth by focusing on an Existing Product in an Existing Marketing, you will need to adopt a Market Penetration Strategy. Potentially the easiest form of growth to consider.

Compared with:

Growth achieved by introducing a New Product to a New Market will require a robust Diversification Strategy, arguably the hardest of the four strategies to achieve.

Understanding this allows your marketing or branding team to consider a strategy most likely to provide the growth you are looking for.

How do these four Strategies relate to everyday marketing objectives?

Linking the correct strategy to marketing goals can be seen below:

Market Penetration

If you want to consolidate a market that you are already in by increasing your market share, differentiate yourselves from the competition and improve customer loyalty.

Market Development

If you are looking to sell existing products to different types of customers and develop different market segments by appealing to a broader range of customers.

Product Development

If you want to sell a new product into existing marketing, this could be a brand extension, new flavour or format. Alternatively, it could introduce loyalty or other promotion to add value to existing products.


If you want to sell a new product into a new market, your marketing goals may be aligned around better supplier integration. They could involve improved packaging to make shipping, storage and stocking more straightforward.

Review and incorporate Ansoff’s Model into your Branding Strategy.

Your branding strategy should always allow for review and improvement. Next time you assess your current branding strategy, consider using Ansoff’s Model to challenge your objectives and goals.

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