What is Crowdsourcing and how does it work in logo design?

Crowdsourcing is as the name suggests getting a solution from a group or a large number of people rather than a dedicated design professional. That isn’t to say that some experienced designers may not be in that ‘crowd’ but as a rule, you don’t really know. You post your brief for a logo and anyone who wants to respond will put their ideas forward, based on the brief. There is no significant contact with the designers, you choose the one that you think is best and the rest get nothing. The process, when candidly compared to engaging a designer directly, lacks the following benefits:

1. Professionalism

As discussed above, crowdsourcing is based on engaging the widest number of people possible, rather than focusing on their experience. This may result in amateur or low-quality designs being widely returned in response to your logo brief.

In contrast, a professional designer will bring expertise and experience to the design process that even a huge crowd cannot compete with.

2. Unique and Original Design

With so many designs being generated by the crowdsourcing process, many of those providing designs are not motivated to create the most original designs which may lead to a glut of generic or copied designs that only just answer the brief.

In contrast, professional designers strive to create unique and original designs for each client that fully respond to the logo brief or requirement.

3. Brand Identity

A logo must exist within a brand identity and not appear separate from it. This can be outlined in a brief but is difficult to fulfil if there isn’t a greater appreciation of branding and how a logo must align with a business’s brand identity.

Professional designers are trained and experienced in considering a business’s values and mission and how these influence a logo’s design.

4. Personalized Service

The crowdsourcing process is designed to limit the amount of contact between its users and its contributors. Due to this, you may not receive the personalized service or attention to a business’s specific needs that you might expect or require.

Anyone who has engaged a professional designer will be more than aware of how closely they work with clients to understand their goals and preferences and apply them to the logo design.

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5. Timeliness

A lot of people may engage in the crowdsourcing route in the hope that it will be quicker and more straightforward than engaging an individual designer. In some cases, this may seem to be true when you get the first round of ideas back as the process prides itself on speed. Unfortunately, once this initial stage is complete any further developments or amends can take far longer to achieve.

Professional designers, however, work efficiently to create a design that meets a client’s timeline.

6. Copyright and Ownership

A potential issue with crowdsourcing a logo design that is connected to point 2. Unique and Original Design is that the design you choose may not have a clear ownership or copyright attached to it.

Any professional designer you engage will be able to provide clear and straightforward guidance on their ownership rights and copyright.

7. Communication

The crowdsourcing route is monetised by controlling the communication between yourself and the designer of the logo concepts you choose. Due to this control over direct contact, clear and efficient communication can be lost or compromised.

It is an essential part of a professional designer’s day to prioritize clear and frequent communication with clients.

8. Revisions and Iterations

As outlined in 5. Timelines crowdsourcing logo design can mean that as soon as initial concepts are shared the process can slow down and drag on. Revisions and iterations of a design, if allowed can be almost impossible if you want to do them once the design is complete.

A professional designer will work with their client to refine a design until it meets their needs. Should those needs change in the future, the designer will be more than available to discuss how to make the changes and deliver them as a new job.


9. Support and Maintenance

Quite often a logo will need to evolve as the brand develops, unfortunately crowdsourcing is unlikely to offer ongoing support or maintenance for a logo design.

Any logo created by a professional designer will be much easier to provide ongoing support and maintenance for. Support would include help and guidance on how to best apply it or could come in the form of a professionally designed brand book or set of guidelines.

10. Investment in Your Business

A logo is one of the first things that a potential customer may see and interact with and they might infer features and benefits of your brand. This isn’t something that should be left to chance, it should be seen as a significant investment in a business’s brand and long-term success, crowdsourcing something this important is ill-advised.

Any logo that is crafted by a professional designer will have been designed with a very clear understanding of its significance as a valuable investment in a business’s brand identity and reputation.


This is a list of the top 10 things businesses don’t get when crowdsourcing their logo design, but it doesn’t stop there. There are plenty more reasons why you should choose a professional designer rather than using the crowdsourcing route, but these are the most important. If you are considering a logo design project and would like to know more about how it should be done then you should get in contact and talk to the Toast team today.

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