Making sure the agencies you are talking to are a good fit for your project is crucial.

When you are looking to commission an expert branding agency to work on your branding, fit and size, as well as experience, should be important factors in your decision.

Not all branding agencies are created equal, and what can look initially impressive on a website can quickly turn into something different once a project progresses.

Here at Toast, we know the sorts of projects and clients that allow us to produce our best work, and we don’t take on anything that’s not a good fit.

So who do we work with best?

Different projects require different skill sets and team sizes.

If you are looking to place a £150,000 branding project, a freelancer is unlikely to be your best option.

Likewise, if you have £250 for a logo design job, a medium-sized agency like Toast probably won’t be able to help you within that budget.

We typically work on branding projects with budgets ranging from £3,000 to £15,000.


How did we arrive at this budget range?

Project management.

Here at Toast, we don’t have account managers, all our clients deal directly with the design team (although we do have project leads).

Larger projects (and clients) often require account managers on projects. They are happy to take on the additional costs of a dedicated project manager, and this typically pushes a project cost up by 25-30 per cent.

Projects up to £15K are manageable by a design team and don’t require account management (at least from our experience).

Logo design, branding and identity projects can have wildly different budgets, and those budgets are not often closely linked enough to expectations.

Project experience.

As Toast has been established over 25 years, we’ve worked on enough projects to know where we sit best.

The majority of this experience comes from simply working with a wide range of clients and budgets.

Whatever sector or niche you are in, we have the experience to create a solid logo design, brand or identity for your venture.

Client experience and expectations.

Working on projects with budgets of less than £15K also means we are usually working with a small team of experienced marketing people or business owners themselves.

We like to work with people who have skin in the game; when a branding project is simply a checkbox exercise to spend surplus budget, it never has the same feel to it.

Deliverables & agency management.

We run a tight ship here at Toast.

Timesheets, project management apps and various other tools to monitor and track performance and business operations.

These help us to understand what we can bring to the party and what we do, or don’t, get involved in.

Start a conversation about your project

Know your agency.

Toast has 16 staff that work across many different aspects and stages of projects.

Most of the creative team have over 10 years of experience working in the design industry and have worked on 100s of logo design, branding and identity projects.

Between us, we have:

  • 4 x BA(Hons) Graphic Design
  • 1 x BA(Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration
  • 1 x BA(Hons) Illustration
  • 1 x BA(Hons) Corporate Communications
  • 1 x HND Graphic Design
  • 1 x HND Media Studies
  • 1 x HND Business Studies
  • 1 x MA Graphic Design
  • 1 x MA English
  • 1 x BA(Hons) Journalism
  • 1 x DMI Certification in Strategy & Planning

We feel this is important, now more than ever as it’s far too easy to buy yourself a £40 subscription to Adobe Creative Suite and call yourself a designer.

The people at Toast have learned their various crafts and have the qualifications to boot.

This also influences who and what we take on.

Come and meet the team

Keeping it in-house.

We like to do everything in-house where possible, and projects within our preferred budgets generally allow for this.

If a client needs extended market research, consumer testing, PR and other related sources, we have to manage and outsource these.

Whilst we can do so, and are totally transparent about it, we usually prefer not to.

A real, not virtual, old-school creative agency.

We have a studio in Banbury, Oxfordshire, slap-bang in the middle of England, so we are very accessible (an hour out of Marylebone) and our clients often come and meet face-to-face.

Obviously, this has changed somewhat recently, but even if you are not here in person, our team are.

Good, old-fashioned creativity does not work well over the internet.

We feel we bring more to the project by getting together, either in a meeting room or down the pub to brainstorm and pull your brief apart.

Historically, this is the way the best creatives have worked, not in isolation at one end of a Zoom (et al) call.

Again, our premise, location, and associated costs all factor into the type and size of projects we take on.

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